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India’s best online digital marketing course offering industry-relevant training through two certifications.


Certificate in Alignment with

Certificate in Alignment with


Welcome to an engaging learning experience in which you will effortlessly conquer SEO and website design!

In the SEO portion of the course, you will acquire a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization. In addition, you will gain practical experience by applying these SEO techniques to actual assignments. You will learn how to create SEO strategies that are unique to each undertaking and how to continually evaluate and improve their performance.

Regarding website design, we have everything you need to know about utilizing WordPress. You will learn how to create stunning websites from beginning using WordPress’s intuitive tools. Additionally, we will explore the available themes and plugins that will enable you to enhance the appearance and functionality of your website. To add to the excitement, you will apply your skills to a live project in which you will implement these themes and modules.

Prepare to take your SEO and web design skills to the next level and create memorable online experiences.




Begin your adventure into the world of search engine optimization.

  • Discover the enchantment of WordPress, themes, and plugins for website development in this course.

  • Learn how to create enticing landing pages utilizing WordPress’s features.

  • On-Page SEO: Master the discipline of optimizing your web pages to achieve a higher ranking in search engine results.

  • Off-Page SEO: Investigate techniques to increase the visibility and reputation of your website beyond its web pages.

  • Technical SEO & pace Optimization: Investigate the technical aspects of SEO and optimize the pace of your website.

  • Google Search Console: Learn how to utilize this potent instrument to monitor and enhance your website’s Google presence.

  • SEO Tools: Become familiar with helpful tools that will facilitate and improve your SEO efforts.

  • Learn how to conduct a thorough site audit in order to identify areas for improvement.

  • Assignments, Live Projects, and Research: Apply your SEO knowledge to real assignments and projects, and conduct research to expand your knowledge.

Engage in this thrilling educational journey and become an SEO expert!



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