Google Ads Mastery

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TekhPortal Academy’s Google Ads Mastery Course is a comprehensive program designed to empower participants with expertise in leveraging Google’s advertising platform. Learners delve into creating effective ad campaigns, mastering keyword research, optimizing bidding strategies, and maximizing ROI. They explore various ad formats, including Search, Display, and Video ads, and learn to target specific audiences. The course covers Google Analytics integration, tracking conversions, and interpreting campaign performance data. Through real-world case studies and hands-on practice, students gain the skills to develop successful Google Ads campaigns that drive traffic, generate leads, and boost conversions for businesses in the competitive digital landscape.


Course: Gooogle Ads Mastery Course by TekhPortal Academy

Final Project: Google Ads Campaign

  • Students design and execute their own Google Ads campaign
  • Instructor feedback and guidance on campaign performance and improvements

Graduation and Certification

Successful completion of the course and final project leads to TekhPortal Academy’s Google Ads Mastery Certification.

Google Ads Mastery

Upgrade Your Google Ads Skills In Just 15 Days

Google Ads Mastery

Upgrade Your Google Ads Skills In Just 15 Days