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Certificate in Alignment with

Certificate in Alignment with


In this course, you’ll explore Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which involves understanding what it is and how it operates:

  • You will learn about search engine marketing (SEM) in this course, which entails comprehending what it is and how it works:
  • You’ll learn more about different SEM platforms, their features, and how they operate. You’ll also learn how to design powerful marketing plans specifically for these platforms.
  • You’ll receive instructions on how to develop and use your tactics throughout the course.
  • Additionally, you’ll discover how to create reports for all the platforms, enabling you to evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts.
  • Finally, real-time campaign optimisation employing a variety of techniques will be required of you.


  • Find out more about the power of pay-per-click marketing and how it relates to Google Ads.
  • Ad Types: Acquaint yourself with the various ad types, such as Search, Display, Video, and App ads, and learn about each one’s specific goals.
  • Learn how to set up powerful advertising campaigns and continuously enhance their effectiveness by reading about campaign creation and optimisation.
  • Reporting: Recognise the significance of conducting data analysis and deciphering performance statistics for your advertising campaigns.
  • Working on a real-world project and finishing assignments will allow you to put your knowledge into practise.

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